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Young PCD Researchers Meeting in Bern – soon there!

The final programme of the first ever Young PCD Researchers Meeting in Bern is available

We would like to remind you about the first meeting of Young PCD Researchers, which will take place on the 12-13th of March, 2015 in Bern, Switzerland. The meeting is organized by PCD scientists and Bestcilia participants from Bern, Southampton and Copenhagen. As the first of its kind, it will offer a unique opportunity for doctoral students and other junior researchers (under the age of 40) working on PCD to present their work,  get feedback,  develop a network with other researchers working in the field and assist in international research collaboration.

The Meeting offers an interesting schedule, including educational lectures delivered by professors from the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine of University of Bern as well as talks from representatives of Patients’ organizations like Pulmonary League (Lungenliga) or Kartagener's Syndrome and Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Foundation (Kartagener Syndrom und Primäre Ciliäre Dyskinesie e. V.). Participants will also have the chance to listen to the lectures presented by other participants from all over the world, summarizing their research in PCD (for details, see the final programme). Although the list of presentations has been already finalized, it is still possible to participate in the meeting on a free-of-charge basis.

The free participation has been possible due to the kind sponsorship by Lungenliga Bern. In addition, the Lungenliga Bern is offering a grant of 500 CHF for the best presented research project. A scientific committee of senior PCD researchers will help choose the winning presentation.  

We believe that collaboration between young scientists will play an important role in the growing multidisciplinary PCD research community. Not only will it contribute to the exchange of information among the researchers but it may also help raise  general awareness of this disease. 

We are looking forward to see you on this meeting!

Final Programme of the Meeting (PDF, 0.4 MB)