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New Bestcilia article: How does lobectomy affect prognosis in PCD patients?

Another Bestcilia article, revolving mostly around the problematic issue of PCD diagnosis, has appeared online recently. It offers valuable insight into PCD diagnostics on Cyprus as well as the way the performance of lobectomy affects prognosis in patients with PCD.

Delivering a diagnosis has proven to be a challenging process in the case of PCD. Despite early manifestations, the disease often remains undetected until adulthood, which might result in major deterioration of lung function. Diagnostics is particularly troublesome in countries with lower expenditures on national health services and one of the objectives of Bestcilia Work Package 3 (WP3) is to implement standardized PCD diagnostic procedures in a few countries where this is the case (Greece, Poland and Cyprus.)

WP3 leader, Dr. Panayiotis Yiallouros from the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), has recently published an article in Respiratory Medicine, which describes the state of PCD diagnostics in Cyprus. The study investigated several clinical characteristics of Cypriot PCD patients with emphasis on previously lobectomized patients. The study revealed that lobectomy not only correlates with late diagnosis, but also appears to be a poor prognostic factor for PCD patients, resulting in more severe deterioration of lung function, compared to non-lobectomized patients. The evidence from the Cyprus experience could be projected to larger uninvestigated populations around the world, where awareness of PCD is especially low or even non-existent.

Full article can be accessed here.