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New Bestcilia publication: bacterial pathogens in PCD

Another publication by the researchers from the group of prof. Kim Nielsen, leader of Bestcilia WP5 (Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark), has been issued of late. The study performed for the purposes of the article aimed primarily to explore the complex issue of bacterial flora in chronic and non-chronic infections in the lower airways of PCD patients.

The researchers attempted to review the strains of bacteria of the same genus commonly found in PCD patients and discover the possible connections between them in order to see whether PCD is associated with any specific strain.

The article summarizes the results of an 11-year-long observation of as many as 107 PCD patients, from infancy to 74. The microorganism found most frequently in the study was Haemophilus influenzae; other common pathogens included P. aeruginosa, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Moraxella catarrhalis, and Staphylococcus aureus. Crucially, each patient was infected with a different P. aeruginosa strain; this bacterium was more frequent in teenagers and adults than children. Early (pre-school) PCD diagnosis correlated with lower incidence of this particular bacteria strain.

To conclude, results of this study are significant inasmuch as they point to the fact that bacterial infections in PCD sufferrs are to some extent related to the age of the patient. They also single out P.aeruginosa as a bacterium commonly colonizing the lower airways area; the incidence of chronic infections in this study was greater than in previous research.

Full article is accessible here.