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New Bestcilia publication: simultaneous sinus and lung infections in PCD sufferers

One of Bestcilia participants, the team from the Copenhagen University Hospital supervised by prof. Kim Nielsen has recently released a noteworthy publication exploring the potential connection between the sinus and lung infections. It is the first attempt to address sinus bacteriology in patients with PCD.

Based on the premise that sinuses are a site for accumulation of various bacteria, which may later potentially spread and affect other body areas, this study investigated the possible influence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa sinonasal infections on lung infections.

The study retrospectively reviewed cases of 8 PCD patients, who had undergone endoscopic sinus surgery (ESS) in the last 6 years, in conjunction with antibiotic treatment. Within the patient cohort, prior to the surgery, majority (88%) of participants showed chronic or intermittent lung infections with P. aeruginosa, and in 57% of cases, the same bacterial strain was present in the sinuses. For patients showing bacterial sinusitis (71%), the same strain was found in lungs and sinuses. Following the implementation of combined treatment, the levels of antibodies against P. aeruginosa decreased in 3 out of 4 evaluable patients, indicating that the combination of ESS and antibiotic treatment was beneficial and effective in lowering the bacteria levels both in the lung and sinus area. Crucially, it follows that sinuses, as a bacterial reservoir, constitute a target for both methods of treatment in patients with PCD.

Full article is accessible here.