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New publication by Bestcilia partner: neuronal NOS in the functioning and composition of human airway cilia

Researchers from the University of Southhampton have recently released yet another noteworthy publication which recounts their efforts to localize one of the three isoforms of NO synthase (NOS) in airway epithelium. The article reports a novel localization for neuronal NOS (nNOS) in the proximal part of ciliary axoneme, which may affect the functioning as well as the structure of the compound elements of airway cilia.

The main rationale behind conducting the study was the paucity of evidence available with regard to the localization of nNOS. The methodology involved immunofluorescence labelling, used to localize all three isoforms of NOS in human bronchial tissue, nasal polyps and epithelial cells cultured at an air-liquid interface (ALI), all acquired from healthy patients.

The presence of all three isoenzymes in healthy human epithelial cells was confirmed, with the indication that only nNOS may be located at the proximal portion of ciliary axonemes, closer to the cell body, which may be of consequence for the functioning and structure of the compound elements of airway cilia (basal body, transition zone and axoneme).Furthermore, it was concluded that the relevant isoform is responsible for the regulation of NO levels, which is a process crucial for normal cilia functioning.

Full article is available here.