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New Bestcilia publication: review on diagnostic methods in PCD

Bestcilia participants from the University of Southampton have recently issued a noteworthy publication in cooperation with researchers from Bestcilia-partner institution, the VU University Medical center. The article provides a comprehensive overview of the latest trends in the complex issue of PCD diagnostic methods.

Diagnosing PCD poses many challenges to researchers working in the relevant field. With no reference standards available at the present moment, doctors and researchers are struggling to provide patients with unequivocal diagnosis with the use of only a single method. A combination of various diagnostic tests is necessary to firmly establish a diagnosis of PCD. In addition, conduction of the vast majority of the diagnostic tests employed nowadays requires specialist staff as well as considerable financial investments.

The article reviews the advances in the matter of PCD diagnostics over the past 100 years of research; the main concern of the publication are the latest achievements, including high-speed video analysis, transmission electron microscopy, nasal nitric oxide measurement and genetic testing. The issue of future developments is also addressed, as the article describes the efforts made in several countries to expand the evidence base for diagnostic testing.

Full article is available here.