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New Bestcilia publication: pioneering study on ciliary dysfunction in asthmatic diseases

Bestcilia participants from Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster(WP1), supervised by prof. Heymut Omran, have recently released yet another noteworthy publication thanks to the financial support of Bestcilia consortium. The article is particularly interesting, as it is centered on the never before explored theme of TH2 cytokines, i.e. chemicals released by respiratory tissues and associated with asthma, and their influence on the beat frequency of human respiratory celia.

In asthmatic diseases, the process of respiratory tract clearance is impaired by secondary ciliary dyskinesia. The team from Münster investigated the mechanisms behind this phenomenon by studying how TH2 cytokines affect the ciliary beat frequency in respiratory epithelial cells. The study was conducted on specimens from as many as 21 patients with the use of high-speed video microscopy.

The study was concluded with establishing a direct influence of cytokines on the functioning of cilia in respiratory epithelium. This also confirms that cytokines contribute to the impaired mucociliary clearance in asthmatic diseases. This pioneering study should promote further investigation of this research avenue, with IFN-γ postulated as a potential treatment option for asthmatic patients.

Full article is available here.